Dog Agility

We have fun with Dog Agility. Our dog agility classes take place weekly and offer you and your dog a sense of teamwork and fun.  We teach many different obstacles and challenges on the course, like using weave poles, jumps, walking across dog ramps, and even jumping through tires.

Current classes are about 6-8 dogs at a time. We teach jumps, walking on the A-Frame, Ramps, Weaving Poles, and Teeter Toter as well as Pole Weaving. This is a team sport for you and your dog which will instill cooperation, leadership and confidence in you and your dog. This class will also improve socialization for dogs.

Our classes are held in Oceanside CA to serve the entire SD County including Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Marcos, Escondido and Fallbrook.


Puppy class
Saturday: 8:00AM
New students may start each week.
Tuesday 6:30 PM
June 17 thru July 22
August 5 thru September 9
Beginner Class
Saturday 9:15 AM
July 19 thru August 23
September 6 thru October 11
Monday 6:30 PM
July 28 thru Sept 8
September 22 thru November 3
Intermediate/ CGC
Monday 7:30 PM
July 28 thru September 8
September 22 thru November 3